• Joint EU-KO Eureka R&D Project 

    The CAMera Sensor Interface LAne Reducer

    Bringing more efficiency to the next generation of 
    high resolution image Sensor transmission system in Automotive
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The automotive industry is looking for new ways to transmit more sensor data over long-range distance (up to 15m).  Today, the approach is to use uncompressed raw and more MIPI CSI-2 lanes, multigigabit interfaces (10G or more), higher throughput cables and Phy.  Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)  require more and more sensors. These sensors need to capture higher resolutions (from 1MP,2MP to 8MP or more) with high dynamic range to improve performances. 

"CAMILA Focus on World First  Low latency & Low bandwidth automotive sensor transmission for long-range"

CAMILA overall goal is to develop technologies , improved building blocks and IC for next generation of automotive transmission of sensor video data with a significant reduction of the image sensor bandwidth. CAMILA will deliver a novel approach to make these Raw sensor data transmissions more efficient: use cheaper cables, low bandwidth interfaces, less power, while preserving a perfect image quality for image analysis algorithms.  

In short, the partners will cooperate on the development of the following:
  • Development of (building blocks for) image sensors interface reduction: low power & efficient raw compression, increased dynamic range, increased data rates,   integration with camera sensor interfaces
  • New IC prototypes for sensor transmission for long range distance
  • Demonstration of results with multiple Automotive sensors with boards & reference design
  • Standards for image sensor compression and camera interfaces.

​Consoritium Partners

intoPIX - Belgium 

Technology provider of IP-cores (for ASIC, FPGA),  Image Signal processing (sensor) & raw Compression expert. Offices in Europe, US, Japan, South-Korea.  www.intopix.com 

Nasys - South Korea

Design services company with large experience in video-based silicon-design projects (ASIC design , system on chip). Also large experience in reference design, front end board and custom board designs and manufacturing,  and support services for IC integration with customers . 

Partners in the project are leaders in the world-wide markets in which they operate. Through cooperation in this project, technologies and building blocks can be developed that would not be possible without cooperation. 

This project is supported by EUREKA! 

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